Pixel Imaging has provided reprographic services to Architects, Engineers, Developers and General Contractors since 1998. We are committed to meeting our customer's needs by offering:

• Color and Black/White Printing & Copying
• Scanning and Digital Archiving
• Managed Print Solutions
• FTP Server

Scanning and Digital Archiving

You control which jobs you want to save on our servers.  When they are no longer needed, feel free to delete them. Scanned jobs will be stored for your use as you please.  Just specify which ones you want archived and our staff will transfer them to your FTP folder.  In today's distributed commercial construction industry, reproduction of your architectural prints needs to match the same speed and quality as your project. Our reputation as a trusted, qualified reprographic places us at the top of many architects, developers and contractors call list. Our experienced team of document management experts coupled with our technology based solutions, means we can handle any size job, meet any deadline and have it done "Right The First Time".
Electronic File Transfer

You may submit your electronic file(s) via our FTP Server. Multiple files are best sent in a zip file. You may also send us files via E-mail, or call us to make other arrangements.

Our FTP site allows you to send us larger digital jobs more quickly.  You can either drag-and-drop, or cut-and-paste your files into the FTP folder once you have an ID and password.

If you would like a private folder, contact us at (213) 385-9000 to quickly set up a secure, private folder which you can fully control (must have an account with Pixel Imaging to use FTP server).